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Leading-edge innovators in sports equipment Phenom Elite announced the expansion of their brand to include the Phenom Legacy Game, formally known as the Elite Raw Talent Bowl (ERT). Based just east of Atlanta, Georgia, and founded by Rodney Williams, The ERT bowl provided a showcase game for senior football student-athletes centered around identifying, showcasing, and cultivating up-and-coming talent in football at the high school level. With Rodney Williams still at the helm as the game's director, the rebranding of the ERT Bowl and introduction of the Phenom Legacy Game is a natural extension of the Phenom Elite vision. Both entities were born from the same commitment: to take talent in sport from the raw to the phenomenal. 

While Phenom Elite began by accelerating the evolution of superior sporting equipment and elevating the success of teams across the country through masterful partnerships, one thing has always been clear – it starts in the hands of the players (no matter how well- or ill-equipped those hands might be at the outset). With the addition of the Phenom Legacy game, Phenom Elite will now be further advancing its vision of excellence in sport by recognizing, supporting, and developing players at the start of their careers. 

The Phenom Legacy Game, now a direct affiliate and subsidiary brand powered by Phenom Elite, will provide another opportunity for student-athletes to showcase their skills and gain additional recruiting exposure. The Phenom Legacy game is also tied into the Phenom Preps platform which redefines how players, parents, and coaches maneuver the recruiting process. Through the comprehensive Phenom Preps online platform, players will be evaluated and ranked using the Phenom Preps rating system. Phenom Preps raises star players from across the country to the level of peak promotion among college coaches – and not just online. Phenom Preps will also serve as an integral online hub for players and their many stakeholders, connecting them with information, articles, resources, checklists, and more – all for free. 

The Phenom Legacy game is scaffolding an intersection of success: connecting the most skilled players and prospects, with the strongest teams, and outfitting them all in the most state-of-the-art gear – both in design and performance. 

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