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Q: What is the Phenom Legacy Game? A: A high school football senior showcase game for senior football student-athletes centered around identifying, showcasing, and cultivating up-and-coming talent in football at the high school level.

Q: How are players selected for the game? A: Players are selected by the Phenom Legacy game selection committee comprised of coaches and scouts, who evaluate the players' performance and potential. Selection criteria can vary, but typically include factors such as stats, strength, speed, agility, and overall football skills.

Q: Where is the game held? A: The game will be held at a neutral site, official location to be announced in the coming months. 

Q: When is the game typically played? A: December 28-31st, after the conclusion of the high school football season.

Q: Is the game televised? A: Yes, the game will be streamed via YouTube. 

Q: What are the benefits of playing in the Phenom Legacy game? A: Playing in the game can bring a lot of exposure to the players, as it showcases their skills to college recruiters and professional scouts. It can also be a great opportunity for players to compete against some of the best talent in the country and to make new connections with other players and coaches.

Q: Who typically attends the game? A: The game is typically attended by college coaches, recruiting analysts, and football enthusiasts who are interested in watching some of the best high school football players compete.

Q: Can anyone attend the game? A: Yes, anyone can attend the game, but tickets may be limited and can sell out quickly. It's best to check back on this website for more updates. 

Q: How long has the game been around? A: The game has been around since 2018. Formerly known as the ERT (Elite Raw Talent) Bowl. 

Q: Who are some notable players who have participated in the game in the past? A: Some notable players who have participated in the game in the past include Chris Scott (NC State), Jaden Wheeler (Florida Atlantic), Andrew Leak (MTSU), Michael Webb (Navy), Tyler Smith (Western Kentucky), Nijel McGriff (Buffalo) among many others.

Q: Will there be certified athletic trainers? A: Yes, the game will have certified athletic trainers capable of handling injuries or other medical scenarios.